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07 June 2009 @ 11:13 pm
I haven't been to LJ in the longest time! I can't even remember the last time I blogged, so I'll try to blog about the past few weeks (months?!).

School is... school. Normal stuff, lectures tutorials, eyecandy here there everywhere (I'm just kidding SA has no hot guys. Except for PSG yum). The drink stall auntie left and according to Ng Han the fruit stall took over the centre stall! Yeah yeah yeah, they're gonna have more space to make my Apple Lychee ^^

Vague stuff that I vaguely remember:
1. Malay & GP common tests, a big hahaha-I-just-screwed-it-up. Okay just have to work harder for the remaining papers, stop going out too much in the holidays!! Ainslee claims I have a social life, but srsly, I'm just meeting the same people over + over again! Hahaha.
2. Zhihui's birthday lunch thingum. The class met him at MRT, had lunch at Banquet and had Bakerzin cake (50% off! Cheap thrills!). Afterwards walked ard with Cindy who dragged me everywhere, until I insisted we go to Starbucks to meet Ainslee + Nadiah + Dewi. Ng Han & Zhihui joined soonafter and accompanied them while they waited for their movie.
3. Bee Leng's birthday surprise. We studied for a bit, and I insisted that we go to Cindy's house cause I needed to pee. And then we switched on the TV & distracted her while the others got ready at Swensens. It was a good surprise I think! Chin Tau came, wow. Stupid waiter, stupid service.
4. Hockey finals? Long time ago. Supported Nat + Bala.
5. Donuts as farewell for Mrs Ho, who thanked me for getting the donuts. Haha. Oh right, her 1.5 hour GP lesson turned into a 25 minute lesson, and none of us were paying attention (I think). Twin and I were having a HTHT, awesome :) Cindy was reading FML.
6. Lunch at SAS after MT CT! Cheap + good food, the malay auntie gave me so much! Rock on \m/
7. iPod-swapping with Ainslee Bee Leng Cindy. (Y)
8. HIGH SCORE FOR BEJEWELED!!! Various replies: Cindy - I'm gonna beat you!!! Ng Han - Okay I'm gonna pretend I actually care. Neville - Well done! (Sarcastic)
9. Gooon & Little brudder turned 17 on 3rd June! :D Was supposed to go to brudder's house, but didn't in the end :( We always don't get to do stuff with one another on our birthdays :(
10. Met up with various people, finally caught up with them <3
11. Pimple on forehead, very painful.
12. PW meetings - here, there, everywhere. Let me know if you guys wanna do our survey. -.-
(the list goes on)

Very shagged, there's guitar tomorrow from 8 to 12, wanna die plz. At least I'm not going on Tues & Weds. But Lionel's not coming tomorrow! He's coming on tues & weds. :/ Means I won't see him for the entire holidays!

Revisions are going nowhere, I need to focus. Study group with beeleng herbin ng han/dates with bee leng! Buck up buck up buck up, I got another E for Econs, but I was 2nd (with Ainslee) in class. So yes, that's how terrible we are are are :(

Hannah Montana on Weds, PW + Class outing on Thurs, zoo with mummy on Fri (?! Anyone wants to come along?!?!). Next week would be S1 chalet + catching up with Sab I think. And probably more of PW. When is the secretary outing? :D

Till then...
Current Music: BigCityDreams - nevershoutnever!
Emmailovehangeng on June 8th, 2009 04:02 am (UTC)
nadia!! we were thinking outing this friday~ but since you're going to the zoo... HAHHAHAH