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07 May 2009 @ 09:40 pm
All again for you  

Econs tutorial today...
Mr Chua: Neville, explain what is barriers to entry
Neville: Hmmmm... Barriers to entry... You know when you go into carpark, you see the barrier?
Whole class laughs
Neville to Sam: Eh what's BTE!!!
Sam: It's something that prevents...
Mr Chua: Neville?
Neville: Oh right. Yeah the carpark right, you put your cash card in the thingy... Yeah that's barrier to entry.

Neville for the ultimate win!! We LOL'd so hard haha. Hmm I'm finally done with PI, submission due tomorrow! I'm kinda happy about my end result, I think it's better than my previous drafts!!! Yayyyyy. Haha and my PW group rocks. Tiodang, Ng Han, Neville (HAHA), Kareena! Awesome possummmmm I hope we get A yknow!! :D

Study sessions on Saturday (haha SSS) are getting me fat. -.- SSS reminds me of SSSS (Smiley Shawn Sour Skittles). :D

Went to Tekong yesterday, t'was fun! NS so fun so fun so fun haha.

Okay am gonna drink peach teaaaaaaa play hell's kitchen and go to sleep :)