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27 June 2009 @ 11:50 pm

You're a part time eater and a full time friend
Pretty boy Parrish is your latest man
I can't imagine studying Geog, with anyone else but you

You're turning seventeen in a couple of minutes
Remember we were one of the first who started with tweets?
I can't imagine fangirling with anyone else but you

You have the most crushes than anyone I know
But it's okay, that's just how you roll
I can't imagine being late with anyone else but you

Remember the years when we used to take trains
I'd make you laugh and you'd say I'm lame
I can't imagine being weird with anyone else but you

We used to eat chicken when we were sec four
Your facial expressions make me wanna roll on the floor
I can't imagine youtubing with anyone else but you

In this last verse that I'd be singing
I wish your birthday would be a-swinging
I can't imagine writing songs for anyone else but you

Du du du du du du du...

HAPPY 7TEENTH BIRTHDAY AINSLEE ASOKAN! I hope you enjoyed the song teehee ^^
Anyway have a happy happy happy supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious birthday whooooooo w00t w00t! :D Haha okay that was random. Study hard for Econs!!!! And the rest of the papers...

xoxoxoxoxoxo erlyna!