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27 February 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Life sucks  

Life has really been difficult lately, so I would appreciate it if you all would make it easier for me. All I want to do now is just grow up/stop time.


On a brighter side, I absolutely love going to school. I love school, with the exception of tutorials, seriously. And lousy teachers who can't write for nuts. (Rolls eyes) I love Guitar, I love 09S25, I love.... the Malay food :D

We had guitar camp one week ago and t'was awesome, I miss it a lot!!! Go to my Xanga to read more about it!!

Hahaha what was left of Slash at the end on Sunday :D

School's fun everyday cause of friends and all the stupid lame jokes we always make. I love SA :D

09S25's guitarists :D I love S25, seriously!!! We are teh best class evaaaazzzz~

My masterpiece at Mc's today :D Potong Pasir Mc's very cool, got midnight offer!! :D Too bad I won't be in school...

Jing Kai!!! I do not look like him, and he doesn't look like me!!! Everyone says we look exactly the same, except for the eyes, and Kane even said this picture made him laugh like shit. Why!!! I don't think he looks like me lor!

Anyway I have formed a club in Guitar and we're called the EnthuClappersClub aka ECC!!! We are a group of awesome people who love to clap! Hehehe. Lionel Jethro Dominic and I are the founding members. And Cheryl joined us!! Ainslee please don't withdraw your membership, JOIN US!!! ECC rocks ttm!!! HAHAHA. Lionel's super funny hohohohohoho.... And Jethro needs to stop calling me Narnia grawr -.-

And omg Samuel and gang totally made fun of me cause I named my guitar Sammy??? What kind of OG mates are they.... Hahaha. After I told them about Sammy they started naming their guitars. And Jethro went, "who the hell names their guitars?" ME ME ME :D


bonesunlikeallthose on February 27th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
you took the words out of my mouth. yes, same!